Hero was founded in January 2012 in Vancouver, BC. Initially a fitness brand, Hero has evolved into an athleisure apparel company focused on uniting a global community that stands for acceptance, inclusivity and a desire to give back. By partnering with like-minded groups and individuals, our goal is to accelerate positive change worldwide. 

Despite the pandemic, Hero has had a standout year for online sales, innovation and product development. Perseverance has got us to this point and allowed us to face the challenges that Covid-19 has presented to businesses such as ours. Overcoming that challenge has proved Hero's resilience and we're now ready to push to the next level. Over the next three to six months, Hero will be focused on raising capital to spur our growth and build on our momentum.  We are looking for individuals and companies that are aligned with our goals and direction for this funding round.

Investors joining us now will become part of a founding group at this pivotal moment in Hero's story. As such, they'll help shape the direction and growth of the company, pushing it from a local apparel brand to a global one. 

If you'd like to be a part of this journey, we'd love to hear from you. 


Daniel Bergson
Hero Culture Inc.