One For One

One For One

Hero's first beanie/toque drive was back in 2018. At that time, and for the next three consecutive year in the months leading up to Christmas Hero donated a toque to someone in need; one for one. That initiative was spurred by the local CrossFit community who rallied to purchase, and subsequently donate thousands of beanies to those living on the street. 

Fast forward and now a few years into the Covid pandemic Hero has shifted to a one for one model for any of our beanies sold, anytime of year. It's our hope that the accumulation of online beanie sales can equal or surpass the donations we made through the community. But we won't stop there; now with Covid restrictions become more commonplace we can get back to working with the community to further increase donations. 

What's more, Hero has now extended our donations to include socks - another commodity very important to those living on the streets. Talking first hand with those living on the streets we learned that socks more than most clothing items are in need. 

Hero will continue to do what we can to support communities. Your orders lend to that support. 

Thank you

Daniel Bergson