It's been a heartbreaking week for CrossFit event organizers and participants, as well as repercussions for those of us who are lucky enough to work in this sport. Individual CrossFit gyms have been affected too. 

It started when a few events had to be cancelled due to the limitation by governments and municipalities on gatherings, and has since extended to Los Angeles and other cities mandating the closure of gyms. In Quebec the government has already legislated the closure of all gyms in the province and the likelihood of other provinces following suit is high.

I've been working in CrossFit for over 8 years and involved in sport my entire life and this is the first time we’ve ever been affected by anything of this magnitude. I personally know countless gym owners, all independent entrepreneurs, who have poured their hearts and resources into their gyms and communities to make them the best they can. In some cases these gyms have been providing a sanctuary for their members and guests for longer than I’ve known them; others have just recently opened their doors or are about to. 

Our CrossFit gyms don’t have the safety net of larger corporations. They rely on their respective communities to support them and in return they support us by giving us the best environment and coaching possible. And while this will likely be the most trying time any of our gyms ever have to endure, they can and will with our support. 

This pandemic will not end our CrossFit gyms and events. We are more than the WOD or the Throwdown; we are a community, and we are still here.

During this time please be in contact with your gym and ask them how you can help. They’re a small business and it’s small businesses that will be most affected by this pandemic. In turn I know our gyms and coaches will continue to update us and support us in any and every way they can. 

We owe it to each other to take this seriously. To be as smart and healthy as we can be, so we can come back even stronger than we were before. And, when we do – every WOD, every Throwdown, every high five and fist pump with your partner will be that much more appreciated. In the meantime, please be patient with event organizers, gym owners and each other. Everyone is doing their best given the circumstances. 

We'll be back. In the meantime, we're still here – and we're still doing everything we can to support our community. Take care, stay positive and support each other. 



Daniel Bergson
Hero Culture Inc.